EMILIANO BRINCI | Chi Sono | [Weandart]

Hi, my name is Emiliano Brinci and I am an artisan of communication, dynamic, always changing and always connected.
I’m approved to travel in Italy as well as all around the world, even inside the overhead bins.
I’m crazy for waves, arrosticini (sheep sticks) and apples.

[only by APPLE though]

In the spare time I write and read industrial quantities of books, to upgrade and improve my personal skills.
I love cooking because it relaxes me and trains my creativity.
My motto is:

Ideas are like waves. Many pass by, you see them and let them go, then arrives the one you feel like yours, you watch it born, grow and expand beneath your feet and riding it becomes the most natural thing in the world.” (EB.)


Because passions must be indulged and since I am a hell of a chatter and a curious mind, I always need to confront myself, studying and learning new things.
That’s why last year I got back to my first online project, turning the business blog I opened in 2008 to the one you’re just about to read.
The new project is called WEANDART, we and art.
The name came out accidentally one night while my son was playing in his fantasy world and bubbling vuistenart…vuistenart…
This word stuck in my head for a couple of days and then…

To Help The Others.

This is what gave me the strength to sleep just a few hours at night and write in the little time I got left.
Things are different now, I have a son and the spare time is less and less, but the will to be useful remains the same.
What will you find in here?
You will find Emiliano, what I like and what is similar to my life style.
SHOP, where you can view or buy all the products that I love wearing or having with me.
The houses, the interiors, the places, the people, and a bit of personal growth.
All which is worth to talk about but mostly what I want to talk about.

Are you ready to begin our journey together?