Emiliano Brinci | Marketing Manager | Lavoriamo Insieme [Weandart ]

[Blogger. Content Creator. Marketing Manager. Ecommerce specialist.]

This and so much more I can be for you and your business.

My first post occurred when my hair were still all over my head, back in 2007, when optical fibre had just arrived in Italy.

I decided to start my first blog, ‘cause I liked to share with people all I learnt and I made on a daily basis.

I thought my knowledge wouldn’t be interesting to anyone and yet…

My long-term experience in projecting and starting up fairy establishments happened to be helpful for hundreds of people who were studying for the ICE test.

There were no text books about this subject, therefore candidates started to search information online and they found ME!

One year later, more and more experienced about the internet, I started my second blog.

I would be talking about my greatest passion: Decor, Interior and Industrial Design.

I was no expert and had no idea of what or how to write but I knew what I had to say would have been useful to a lot of people.


To help the others


This mission gave me the strength to sleep just a few hours at night, splitting my time between my daily job as a project manager for a company creating events and writing in the little time I got left.

After only one year my followers were so many that I could well be considered an influencer. Wikio inserted my blogs among the ten most read in Italy for design, marketing and communication.

Many companies contacted me so I could test their products.

After 5 years and hundreds of collaborations I decided I’d become an entrepreneur.

I started an e-commerce selling self produced plexiglass pieces for interior design.

An actual start-up I ran myself.

The rest is recent history.

I told you my professional history so you can better understand how I can help you and your company to improve your performances.


[Strategy. Analysis. Creativity. Passion. Pragmatism. Result]


This is what I can offer if we decide to cooperate and our PH matches


What do I do everyday?

  • Producing contents.
  • Writing in SEO so Google is happy too.
  • Planning and managing the new virtual piazzas or, how everyone calls them these days, the social medias.
  • Planning and improving your presence online, making it more productive and sustainable. 
  • Organizing offline events.
  • Projecting and managing your E-commerce.
  • Telling stories using the modern forms of narration.
  • I almost forgot the most important thing: I love doing these things, therefore I put into them the utmost passion and devotion.


Contact me using the references below but only if you’re ready to exploit your potentiality at the top.

Email: info@weandart.eu
Phone & Whatsapp: (39) 338.20.36. 426